13 Sofa Set

Our outdoor Sofa Set is stylish and made with good quality material that will last amid sunshine and rains. 

Teak Wood Furntire

03 Bookshelf

We have various type of antique and modern bookshelves. Cant imagine life without books. 

11 TV Console

We supply various types of TV Console with multiple choices of color. Delight the living room with a bright yellow TV Console or come and visit today to see more. 

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02 Beside Tables

10 Shoe Cabinet

We're showing off some beautiful ways to organize your shoe collection and stylize the nook they already live in.

06 Sideboard

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08 Daybed

The first blend of a chair and daybed originated in Egypt. The earliest known models were made from palm sticks lashed together with pieces of cord or rawhide.

15 Dining Set

Dining outside the house to enjoy the nature breeze, you will need a good set of outdoor tables and chairs to treat friends and families. 

10 Shoe Cabinet

05 Raw Teak

08 Daybed

Woody Furniture

07 Coffee Table

The design of the coffee table is said to actually be derived from the tea table.  A tea table is a tall, round table where a tea service can be placed on it to serve guests.   These tables were popular throughout Europe as far back as the seventeenth century and were traditionally placed besides a chair or in a seating arrangement. 

09 Dining Set

Dining sets are the fast way to a dining room that looks perfectly pulled together. Ours also give you comfort and durability, in a big choice of styles. And less time looking for furniture means more for sharing good food and laughter with family and friends.

Antique Furniture

01 Bed

The fine art and nature material blended together to form a good piece of furniture like a bed. 

14 Tea Set

Tea Set comes with a tea table and a pair of chairs. Or any number of chairs. A small set outside in the court yard or balcony makes your outdoor space cozy and nice. 

04 Cabinet

Cabinets usually have one or more doors on the front, which are mounted with door hardware, and occasionally a lock. Many cabinets have doors and drawers or only drawers. 

05 Raw Teak

Teak has long been a top choice for outdoor furnishings. Its high content of naturally occurring oils serves as Mother Nature’s weatherproofing, protecting against water, rot and insects, ensuring that your furnishings will last year after year.

12 Writing Desk

An ancient Chinese writing desk in a modern study room makes a lot difference. It creates an atmosphere of true meaning of writing. 


03 Bookshelf


07 Coffee Table

Antique Furniture

04 Cabinet

09 Dinning Set, Table & Chairs

02 Bedside Table

They are often used to support items that might be useful during the night, such as a table lamp, alarm clock, reading matter, phone, desktop intercom, a drink, or medication

06 Sideboard

In 18th century, the sideboard had retreated to the kitchen where it became a more utilitarian item known as a Welsh dresser, containing not only open shelving but also enclosed cupboards below - effectively becoming the ancestor of today’s kitchen cabinetry.

01 Beds